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Nourish & Grow: Preconception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Thrival

Preconception- November 3, 2018

Support and information for those interested in preparing their bodies, or supporting others in preparing their bodies, for pregnancy and trying to conceive. In this class we will cover supporting the body's transition off of hormonal birth control, replenishing micronutrients, regulating hormones, creating an optimum environment for a healthy pregnancy and baby, and building a healthcare team for when the time is right. 

Pregnancy- November 10, 2018

Pregnancy is a time filled with significant change and growth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this class, we will look at pregnancy from a holistic lens and share ways a person can take care of themselves, their clients, and/or their loved ones during this time. We will discuss herbs that are supportive for a variety of conditions that may arise during pregnancy, as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions for a more comfortable and healthful pregnancy and birth.

Postpartum- November 17, 2018

From the stress of getting pregnant to preparing for birth, oftentimes we are the least prepared for the postpartum period. In this class, we will discuss how to be set up for the best postpartum period where one feels supported and nourished both physically and emotionally. We'll touch on immediate postpartum healing, setting healthy boundaries as a new parent, breastfeeding & milk supply, meal planning, infant care and sleep routines, and much more. 

Single class is $45, or $120 for the whole series.
Tickets available through The Well.

About Us:

Whitney Anne Staeb is a full spectrum doula and clinical herbalist. She is a faculty member at the Ohlone Herbal Center where she offers classes on reproductive health and herbal medicine making.

Paige Green is a full spectrum doula and reproductive health educator. She supports people through all stages of reproduction and is currently a student pursuing Nurse-Midwifery. You can find out more about her work here.