Full Spectrum Doula Services

Continuous unbiased, client-centered support throughout the reproductive lifespan. This support focuses on the whole person, family and community and encompasses emotional, physical, psychosocial, and educational support techniques. - Cornerstone Doula Trainings


Interested in hiring a doula but not sure how we can support you? Check out this article on the evidence for doulas.

Birth Doula Support

As a birth doula my goal is for all of my clients to feel supported, heard, empowered and confident going into and coming out of their birth experience. This looks different for each person as everyone’s needs may look a little different and I take this into account when providing information as well as emotional and physical support.

My doula package includes:

  • 2-3 prenatal visits with personalized information and in-depth research.

  • Consistent availability via email, text, and phone calls once we decide to work together.

  • Being on call starting at 37 weeks and up to two weeks after your EDD.

  • Availability to come and join you at any point during labor, and continuous support from then on.

  • Staying with you for 1-2 hours after baby is born to help you get settled and support with breast/chestfeeding.

  • One postpartum visit to process your birth experience, answer any questions that have arisen, provide some light newborn care assistance, as well as personalized resources and referrals if requested.

Contact me here for rates.


Postpartum Doula Support

Caring for a new baby, and a new mother, takes a village and unfortunately, our modern day society is often lacking in this village mindset. The postpartum period is a sacred and transformational time; one which requires emotional and physical support, active listening, integration, and connection. As a postpartum doula I support new parents and families in integrating the birth of the new baby into their lives. I provide emotional, physical, and practical support as well as evidence-based information and resources. I not only help with the care of the baby, but I focus too on the care of the mother/gestational parent as well. This means I will cook you a nourishing meal, help you recognize newborn cues, support with breast/chestfeeding, hold the baby while you take a nap or shower, or simply listen.

Daytime shifts are 4-6 hours 2-4 times weekly. Nighttime shifts are 8-10 hours 1-3 times weekly.

Together we can come up with a package that best supports you and your families needs. Contact me here for scheduling and rates.


Abortion Support

Pregnancy loss is a commonly ignored event in our society and one that can leave people feeling alone and isolated. I am available for one-on-one emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after, a surgical or medical abortion. As an herbalist, I can also provide herbal support for emotional and physical symptoms that may arise with the termination or loss of a pregnancy*. Contact me here for more information.

* I do not perform or advocate for herbal abortions.