Herbal Wellness Consultations

Holistic Wellness with Plants + Nutrition  


Initial consultation 

1.5-2 hours

An in-depth health history intake where we discuss your current and past health issues as well as nutrition and lifestyle. Using diagnostic techniques as well as observing the tongue and pulse, we assess your unique constitution and discuss ways that herbalism, combined with practical lifestyle and dietary shifts, can address root issues and imbalances to support you in achieving your health goals. 

Follow-up consultations

1 hour 

The follow up consultation is scheduled two weeks after the initial intake, and then 3-4 weeks thereafter. Here we dress progress and make any necessary formula shifts. 

Personalized plan of care 

Working collaboratively with my clients, we come up with customized herbal formulations in the form of teas, tinctures, glycerites, infused oils, steams, creams, and baths, depending on each person’s unique needs and what protocol works best for them. Along with personalized formulation(s), I provide an in depth wellness plan catered to my client’s individual needs. Here we are able to address the short and long term health and wellness goals. The plan includes a combination of resources in the form of websites, podcasts, books, handouts, and/or recipes.  

One-on-one sessions include:

  • Herbalism education & nutritional guidance 

  • Hormonal support & vibrant fertility that goes beyond reproduction 

  • Tools for strengthening overall health, boundaries, and practices of self-care 

  • Grounded mindfulness practices to trust yourself more fully and love yourself more deeply. 

Interested in working together? Contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone call to learn more about how herbalism & wellness consultations could support you in transforming your health!